Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Elementary School Spotlight Student of the Month

Bryce Cornwell(Kindergarten), Nominated by Mrs. Reichert

Bryce Cornwell, SOTM April

"Our Spotlight Student for the month of April is Bryce Cornwell. Bryce is a hard working student and good listener. He always tries his best and likes to be helpful. Bryce is great at beginning with the end in mind, and asking for help if he needs it. Keep up the great work, Bryce!"

Sophia Belson (Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Smith

Sophia Belson, SOTM April

"Sophia Belson is the Spotlight Student for the month of April in Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten. Sophia is quiet, polite, and does a nice job of following the 7 Habits. Sophia is a hard worker and has grown a lot in her first year of school. Sophia likes to share stories with her classmates. Keep working hard, Sophia!"

Jasmine Klump (Kindergarten), nominated by Miss VanderMeulen

Jasmine Klump, SOTM April

“Jasmine Klumpp has been chosen for the Student Spotlight for the month of April. Jasmine is a hard worker and always does her best. She is polite, helpful, and a great friend to her classmates. I am glad that Jasmine is in my class. Keep up the great work!"

Lincoln Snyder (1st Grade), nominated by Mrs. Lovejoy

Lincoln Snyder, SOTM April

“Lincoln Snyder is our Spotlight Student for the month of April! Lincoln hs really done a great job of following the 7 Habits and being a Model Mustang for his peers for the month of April. His hard work and determination have really shone through. He has become a great leader in our classroom. Keep up the great work, Lincoln!"

Samantha Perry (1st grade), nominated by Mrs. Blumer

Samantha Perry, SOTM April

“Mrs. Blumer’s Spotlight Student for the month of April is Samantha Perry. Samantha has been working hard to improve her reading levels and she is doing a great job! Samantha does a great job of listening while someone is speaking. She also does a wonderful job with following both the classroom and school expectations. Keep up the great work, Samantha!"

Lesley Burggren (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garner

Lesley Burggren, SOTM April

“Lesley Burggren is this month’s Spotlight Student because she is a positive role model for her class. Lesley is organized, punctual, and respectful. She participates regularly in class, and always demonstrates a positive attitude. She works well with her peers and sets positive examples for them by making positive choices. Lesley is an outstanding Mustang student. Congratulations, Lesley!"

Olivia Lau (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garcia

Olivia Lau, SOTM April

“Olivia Lau is a wonderful student to have in class! She has worked very hard this school year and her hard work is paying off. Olivia works great with everyone in the class and is a good role model for her classmates. It is wonderful to see how much Olivia has grown this school year and it has been a pleasure to work with her."

Emmalyne Shaw (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garvey

Emmalyne Shaw, SOTM April

“Emmalyne Shaw is Mrs. Garvey’s Spotlight Student for the month of April. Emmalyne has worked very hard at showing the 7 Habits whenever she is at school. She has worked hard to raise her A-Z score and STAR scores. She always tries her best to do quality work. She is always looking for ways to help in the classroom."

Raelynn Baez(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Arganbright

Raelynn Baez, SOTM April

“Raelynn Baez has shown a lot of improvement in math and has become a group leader in math centers. She does a great job of explaining concepts to other students and is very bright. She also has excellent critical thinking skills in reading and goes out of her way to help others. Great job, Raelynn!"

Seana Johnson (3/4 Split), nominated by Miss Nozal

Seana Johnson, SOTM April

“Miss Nozal’s April Spotlight Student is Seana Johnson. Seana is always positive and energetic. She is very kind to everyone around her and goes out of her way to make her classmates happy. Seana loves to help out around the classroom and do any special jobs that need to be done. Her smiling face is always the highlight of the day. Congratulations, Seana!"

Brooklyn Rauch (3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Huguelet

Brooklyn Rauch, SOTM April

“Brooklyn Rauch has been chosen as the April Spotlight Student because she has made huge reading and math growth throughout this school year. She is a very hard worker, team player, and is a responsible student. Congratulations, Brooklyn on rocking this school year and being our most improved student!"

Kayden Sisco (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Hoyt

Kayden Sisco, SOTM April

“Kayden Sisco is our class Spotlight Student this month. Kayden has worked very hard this year to be Model Mustang in the building. She puts first things first and begins with the end in mind. Kayden seeks out help as needed on her school work and works well when paired with any student in our classroom. We are all proud of the hard work Kayden puts into her assignments both in and out of the classroom. Keep up the great work, Kayden!"

Bryce DeLong (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Schreur

Bryce DeLong, SOTM March

“Ms. Schreur’s Spotlight Student is Bryce DeLong. Bryce has been a hard worker all year. He listens well in class and follows directions quickly. He may be quiet- but he has many things to talk about! He has enjoyed the Origami Yoda books with the origami folding directions in the back of each book. Bryce does well in all subjects, but Math is his favorite. Keep up the hard work, Bryce DeLong!"

Nathan Voorhees (5th grade), nominated by Mrs. Heller

Nathan Voorhees, SOTM April

“Nathan Voorhees is the Spotlight Student in Mrs. Heller’s class for the month of April. Nate continues to reflect upon and improve his behavior as a fifth grader. He has been a tremendous help to me as his teacher by assisting with our autistic students in our homeroom class. I gave him his own “office” where he is in charge of setting his own timer to help him stay on task with assignments. Nate has been given specific jobs which have included lunch stick duty, assigning “helpers” for lunch and various organizational tasks. He has a witty sense of humor and sits with me at lunch every day. Thank you, Nate so very much for striving to succeed. I know that your behavioral journey has not been an easy one. Congratulations, Professor Nate. Most importantly, believe in YOU. I do!"

Rongyi Zhu (5th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

Rongyi Zhu, SOTM April

“Rongyi Zhu is our April Spotlight Student. Although Rongyi is in Mrs. Avink’s homeroom class, he spends the mornings in Mr. Simon’s room for math. Rongyi is a very bright student who has great number sense and math skills. Rongyi is always following the classroom expectations and setting a good example for his peers. Rongyi is also very curious and often asks questions that go beyond the fifth grade curriculum. At times, he even stumps Mr. Simon, for a few minutes. Rongyi has done a great job all year. Congratulations, Rongyi!"

Ambrea Humphrey (5/6 Split), nominated by Mrs. Avink

Ambrea Humphrey, SOTM April

“Mrs. Avink’s Spotlight Student for April is Ambrea Humphrey. Ambrea works extremely hard. She has set many goals for herself this year and she has achieved all of them. Ambrea has shown a tremendous amount of growth in math and reading. Ambrea also works well with all of her peers and is a great leader in the classroom. Keep up the great work, Ambrea!"

Cooper Bolton (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Adgate

Cooper Bolton, SOTM April

“Let the spotlight shine on Cooper Bolton. Cooper is an all around pleasure to have in class. He leads discussions with humor and insight. I have rarely seen him not smiling. He is kind to everyone around him and willing to help in any capacity. He is a hard worker and great conversationalist. Way to go, Cooper!"

Kaydenn Aggas (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Fenton

Kaydenn Aggas, SOTM April

“The Spotlight Student of the month for Mrs. Fenton’s class is Kaydenn Aggas. Kaydenn is respectful, helpful, and kind to her peers. She is a model example of a 7 Habits student! Kaydenn always puts forth her best effort in producing the best quality work and wants and works to do her very best. Congratulations, Kaydenn!"

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