Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Elementary School Spotlight Student of the Month

John Browne(Kindergarten), Nominated by Mrs. Reichert

John Browne, SOTM February

"John Browne is our Spotlight Student for February. John has made so much progress this year. He always works hard at every task that he is given. John is kind and helpful in the classroom. Keep it up, John!"

Landon Willis (Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Smith

Landon Willis, SOTM February

"Landon Willis is an outstanding student in Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten class. Landon does a nice job of following the 7 Habits and is a good role model for his fellow classmates. Landon works hard and does a great job of completing work at school and bringing back his homework. Landon is a great classmate and we’re lucky to have him in our classroom. Keep working hard, Landon!"

Eleanor Compton (Kindergarten), nominated by Miss VanderMeulen

Eleanor Compton, SOTM February

“Eleanor Compton is a great role model for our class. She follows classroom expectations, completes her work, and always does her personal best. Eleanor also has a positive personality which makes her a joy to have in class."

Ella Scherzer (1st Grade), nominated by Mrs. Lovejoy

Ella Scherzer, SOTM February

“Our February Spotlight Student is Ella Scherzer. Ella is a joy to have in class, and is always a positive light for our room. She is an excellent leader for the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ella is a hard worker in class, and is meeting her goals in the classroom. Keep up the great work!"

Jakob Shaffer (1st grade), nominated by Mrs. Blumer

Jakob Shaffer, SOTM Feburary

“Jakob Shaffer is Mrs. Blumer’s Spotlight Student for the month of February! I want to recognize Jakob for all his hard work and growth he is making in reading! Jakob is doing a wonderful job and making excellent gains in reading. I am so proud of the hard work he has put in towards achieving his goals. Keep up the great work, Jakob!"

Russell Duncan (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garner

Russell Duncan, SOTM February

“Russell Duncan was chosen by Mrs. Jenison to be February’s Spotlight Student. Russell is a great role model for the class. Russell is a very patient, and hardworking student. He always completes his work and does what he is asked. Keep up the GREAT work!"

Trayton Ward (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garcia

Trayton Ward, SOTM February

“Trayton Ward is a very responsible and confident student. He comes to school everyday with excitement and a ready to learn attitude. He pays close attention and works hard in every subject. Trayton has a strong academic understanding in all subject areas. I am very lucky to have Trayton in our classroom!"

Wesley Greene (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garvey

Wesley Greene, SOTM February

“Wesley Greene is Mrs. Garvey’s Spotlight Student of the Month. Wesley has been working hard on raising his A-Z Reading and High Frequency Word Levels. Wesley has really shown what he knows with his money lessons in Math. Wesley has grown from the beginning of the year, into a leader in the classroom! Wesley and his family have a Honey Farm and Wesley has been sharing about the work involved with the bee business and we are hoping that his family won’t be too “beesy” and can come to share information about honeybees. Thanks, Wesley for Being the Example!"

Matthew Bassett(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Arganbright

Matthew Bassett, SOTM February

“Matthew Bassett is the February Spotlight Student from Mrs. Arganbright’s class. Matthew brings a wealth of background knowledge to our classroom, that he is always willing to share. He also has great expressive reading skills. Matthew puts forth his best effort on all of his class work. He has an active imagination and shares many great ideas. He is excelling in all subject areas. Keep up the excellent work, Matthew!"

Johnna VanDriel (3/4 Split), nominated by Miss Nozal

“Johnna VanDriel is the February Spotlight Student for Miss Nozal’s class. Johnna is always looking for ways to help others in the classroom. Also, she has demonstrated that hard work and setting goals can lead to success. Keep up the great work, Johnna!"

Bryce Willis (3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Huguelet

Bryce Willis, SOTM February

“Bryce Willis is a fun and energetic student. He has worked very hard at school this year to gain academic achievement. He is thoughtful and has been a leader in the classroom. Nice job on your accomplishments this school year, Bryce, and keep up the good work!"

Natalie Ludwig (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Hoyt

Natalie Ludwig, SOTM February

“Natalie Ludwig is our Spotlight Student this month. She begins with the end in mind every single day and has proved it with all her hard work she puts into school. Natalie is an awesome leader and role model both inside and outside of the classroom. Natalie uses think win-win to make sure that everyone is working hard to achieve their goals. Keep up the great work, Natalie! "

Annaliese Harris (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Schreur

Annaliese Harris, SOTM February

“Ms. Schreur’s Spotlight Student for the month of February is Annaliese Harris. Anna is an excellent Seven Habits Model. She works hard in class, putting first things first and enjoys helping others. Anna is an excellent writer, and enjoys reading and math. Keep up the outstanding work, Anna!"

Brendan Rameau (5th grade), nominated by Mrs. Heller

Brendan Rameau, SOTM February

“Brendan Rameau is Mrs. Heller’s Spotlight Student for the month of February. Brendan is working hard at communication skills. He chooses two students daily to be his helpers. Brendan flashes his “baby blues” by looking his classmates directly in the eyes when speaking to them. He excels at spelling and has a great sense of humor! Brendan is highly intelligent and we have given him the nickname of, “Professor” for his inquisitive mind. As Brendan’s classroom teacher, I have recently found out that Brendan loves music and he is willing to dance with me during indoor recesses. He especially loves classic rock. “Rock On, Professor!” I am very proud of you! "

William Fate (5th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

William Fate, SOTM February

“William Fate joined the Mustangs earlier this winter and has been a great addition to Mr. Simon’s, Mrs. Heller’s, and Mrs. Miller’s classes. William is a very persistent worker during class. He is always asking questions and trying to improve his skills. William is also excellent at following the expectations throughout the school, and is a great example for others when it comes to behavior. Great job, William, and welcome to Montabella!"

Rongyi Zhu (5/6 Split), nominated by Mrs. Avink

Rongyi Zhu, SOTM February

“Mrs. Avink’s Spotlight Student for the month of February is Rongyi Zhu. Rongyi works very hard and always strives to do his best. Rongyi is a very motivated individual who has shown a lot of growth in reading and in math this year. Rongyi gets along well with others and is always willing to help! Keep up the great work."

Kassie Voorhees (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Adgate

Kassie Voorhees, SOTM February

“Let the spotlight shine on Kassie Voorhees! Kassie has a great attitude and gives 100%. She is willing to help others and contributes to group discussions. She always has a smile for others and makes a practice of looking on the bright side of things. She uses kind words with her peers and shows all facets of a great character role model. Good job, Kassie!"

Ella Harris (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Fenton

Ella Harris, SOTM February

“The Spotlight Student for the month of February from Mrs. Fenton’s class is Ella Harris. Ella is always smiling, is always helpful, and is always kind to her classmates. She follows the 7 Habits flawlessly and is a model student to her peers. Ella also works hard and turns in quality work with the utmost attention to detail! Congratulations, Ella on being Spotlight Student of the Month!"

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