Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Elementary School Spotlight Student of the Month

Adalynn Myers(Kindergarten), Nominated by Mrs. Reichert

Adalynn Myers, SOTM

"Adalynn is our spotlight student. Adalynn is a very helpful and bright student. She always can be counted on to help with various tasks in the classroom. Adalynn is reading and even requests extra homework because she enjoys it so much. She has a positive attitude and puts first things first. Keep up the great work, Adalynn!"

Madisyn Helmer(Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Smith

Madisyn Helmer, SOTM

"Madisyn Helmer is our outstanding student for February. Madisyn is very friendly and helpful to her classmates. Madisyn is a hard worker and does a great job with her work. Madisyn does a great job following the Seven Habits and is a great role model for her classmates. Keep working hard Madisyn and always keep smiling!"

Lance Crawford(Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Avink

Lance Crawford, SOTM

“Mrs. Avink's February spotlight student is Lance Crawford. Lance is always so nice to everyone and is constantly helping. Lance always participates and has a great attitude during everything we do. Lance completes all of his work and is making great progress academically. Keep up the great work Lance!"

Brooklynn Race(1st Grade), nominated by Mrs. Lovejoy

Brooklynn Race, SOTM

“Our Spotlight Student for the month of February is Brooklynn Race. Brooklynn is a quiet leader in our room. She does an excellent job of following the 7 Habits, and the classroom expectations. Brooklynn humbly goes above and beyond everyday, whether that is cleaning up the room or helping another student. She has such a bright smile each morning coming in to class, and is a friend to everyone. Great job, Brooklynn and keep up the great work! "

Jezelle Bradley(1st grade), nominated by Mrs. Garcia

Jezelle Bradley, SOTM

“Jezelle Bradley is our Spotlight Student of the Month! Jezelle has worked extremely hard for the past month and you can tell the difference!! Jezelle has not only moved up reading levels, but is also remembering many high frequency words. Jezelle is happier and is actively engaged in learning! I am so proud of you!"

Brayden Loomis(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Blumer

Brayden Loomis, SOTM

“Brayden Loomis is Mrs. Blumer's Spotlight Student for the month of February. Brayden has made a lot of progress in his reading! He has also been working hard in math as well. Brayden does a good job of listening when I am teaching in class. He also has great thoughts and answers to add to our discussions. Thank you for all your hard work Brayden!"

Ethan Allen(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garner

Ethan Allen, SOTM

“Ethan Allen is the Spotlight Student in Mrs. Garner’s classroom. Ethan has been working very hard to produce quality work. He has also been going above and beyond to practice extra skills at home. I am proud of you for sharpening your saw and working to become better and better each day. Keep up the good work, Ethan! "

Brandon Peterson(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garvey

Brandon Peterson, SOTM

“Brandon Peterson is Mrs. Garvey's Spotlight Student of the Month. Brandon has grown with his desire to read. He has been working very hard at trying different strategies in his reading and has made progress with his high frequency word list. He has been working hard at developing his listening skills and keeping his focus on his work. He is always available to help out in the classroom and at assisting friends."

Seth Jordan(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Arganbright

Seth Jordan, SOTM

“Seth Jordan is Mrs. Arganbright's February Spotlight Student. He is making great progress with his math and reading. He is attentive during instruction. He has also started raising his hand to participate in class discussions. He works hard to complete his work in an accurately and timely manner. Keep up the excellent work, Seth! "

Logan McElhaney(3rd Grade), nominated by Miss Nozal

Logan McElhaney, SOTM

“Logan McElhaney is our February Spotlight Student. Logan is an excellent student and a great follower of the 7 Habits. Logan enjoys participating in activities with her peers. She is a great model for having a "can do" attitude and does what she needs to be successful. Logan is a great classmate, friend, and student. Congratulations Logan! "

Kain Karcher(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Huguelet

Kain Karcher, SOTM

“Kain Karcher has been chosen as our February Spotlight Student. Kain is a responsible, hard working student who gets along easily with others. He has made very good academic growth already this school year and is a leader to many in the class and in Montabella athletics. Good job, Kain. Way to show that Mustang Pride!"

Allison Cook(4th grade), nominated by Mrs. Jones

Allison Cook, SOTM

“Mrs. Jones’ spotlight student this month is Allison Cook. Allison has a silly personality and likes to be goofy, but always knows when to be serious. She sticks up for other students both publicly and privately. Her homework is always completed on time, and she even asked for extra homework for things she needs to work on. Keep up the good work, Ally! "

Braleigh Fulk(4th grade), nominated by Ms. Schreur

Braleigh Fulk, SOTM

“Ms. Schreur's Spotlight Student is Braleigh Fulk! Braleigh is a student who lives the Seven Habits in school and out of school. She enjoys coming to school, dance class, reading, and getting ready to enjoy her new quad (once the snow is gone!). Braleigh works hard at learning, improving her math skills, reading, and helping her classmates. Braleigh is a Spotlight Student every day!! She is a MODEL MUSTANG!"

John Ely(5th grade), nominated by Mrs. Heller

john Ely, SOTM

“Congratulations to John Ely! He has been nominated as the Student of the Month from Mrs. Heller’s class. John has been putting forth a great deal of effort with his Journeys reading work. Recently, he showed mastery on the Lesson 14 weekly online test. John has been participating more during class discussions and reading more books independently. He is a caring and very friendly student who is making great progress. Way to go, John!" "

Kayden Sisco(5th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

Kayden Sisco, SOTM

“Kayden Sisco is a very quiet student, that is always on task. She is always willing to help a peer or teacher. Kayden has made good improvement this year in Mr. Simon's math class. If Kayden finished an assignment early, or has free time at indoor recess, she loves to draw, and is a great sketch artist. She has a very creative mind and it shows through her drawings and coloring. "

Jadon Trost(6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Adgate

Jadon Trost, SOTM

“Our February Spotlight shines on Jadon Trost. Jadon joined our class after the year started. She has been a great addition. She is kind to her peers, has a smile for everyone and sets a great example when it comes to work time. She is a bright, shiny young lady and we are glad that she came back to Montabella."

Javon Perkins(6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Fenton

Javon Perkins, SOTM

“Spotlight Student of the Month for Mrs. Fenton’s room is Javon Perkins! Javon is kind, thoughtful, hard-working, and extremely smart. He gives his best effort in all that he does and is conscious and considerate of all of his classmates. Javon is also the most humble and tender-hearted student I have ever had. Javon, congratulations on being Spotlight Student of the Month!"

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