Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Elementary School Spotlight Student of the Month

Justin Hanses(Kindergarten), Nominated by Mrs. Reichert

Justin Hanses, SOTM

"Justin Hanses is an excellent student who sets an example for everyone in class. Justin is kind to all, and works hard. He always follows directions and wants to participate in class discussions. Justin can count very high and is even reading! Way to go, Justin! Keep up the great work!"

Kaitlyn Taylor(Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Smith

Kaitlyin Taylor, SOTM

"Kaitlyn Taylor is our October Spotlight Student. Katie does a great job of following classroom rules and expectations. Katie works hard in the classroom and always puts great effort into her work. Katie has a great smile and personality and we enjoy having her in our classroom! "

Riley Eldred(Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Avink

Riley Eldred, SOTM

“Mrs. Avink’s Spotlight Student for the month of November is Riley Eldred. Riley always completes his work, and is always a helpful friend. Riley is very good at being proactive in all situations. Riley recently reached a personal goal and earned a prize in our class and is a constant example of a model mustang. Keep up the great work Riley!"

Brooklynn Porter(1st Grade), nominated by Mrs. Lovejoy

Brooklynn Porter, SOTM

“Our Spotlight Student for the month of October is Brooklynn Porter. Brooklynn comes in every day with a smile on her face. She is such a big help in the classroom, and around the school. Brooklynn always gives 100% in everything that she does. Great job, and keep up the good work!!"

Aiden Fletcher(1st grade), nominated by Mrs. Garcia

Aiden Fletcher, SOTM

“Aiden Fletcher is my Spotlight Student for the month of October. Aiden almost always has a smile on his face. He loves to help me out in the classroom and really loves to help his classmates. Aiden works hard every day to be the best student that he can be. Aiden and his contagious smile brightens our classroom daily! "

Patyn Recker(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Blumer

Patyn Recker, SOTM

“Patyn Recker is Mrs. Blumer’s Spotlight Student for the month of October! Patyn is always kind and a good friend to everyone in our room. She does a great job of practicing the 7 Habits! Patyn is a great helper and she has been working very hard in our class. Keep up the great work and the great attitude, Patyn!"

Brooklyn Kieff(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garner

Brooklyn Kieff, SOTM

“Brooklyn Kieff is the Spotlight Student in Mrs. Garner’s 2nd grade class! Brooklyn comes to school with a positive attitude and the brightest smile to share every day. She is a hard worker and has a can-do attitude, no matter what the task is. She is kind and helpful to everyone and is a true example of a 7 Habits kid! Thank you for being awesome and we are so glad you are in our class, Brooklyn!"

Olivia Lau(2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garvey

Olivia Lau, SOTM

“Olivia Lau is Mrs. Garvey's Spotlight Student for the month of October. Olivia is a very hard worker and always gives her best effort in her work. She has worked hard making her writing very exciting with details and studies hard for her spelling tests. Olivia does a great job asking for help when needed and is FANTASTIC at showing the 7 Habits."

Lia Dood(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Arganbright

Lia Dood, SOTM

“Lia Dood does an exceptional job of following the 7 Habits. She is an incredibly self-driven student who is always looking for ways to further her knowledge. She excels in all academic areas. Lia goes above and beyond with her work, especially in writing. She is an excellent role model in my classroom. Keep it up, Lia!"

Ryan Wheeler(3rd Grade), nominated by Miss Nozal

Ryan Wheeler, SOTM

“Ryan Wheeler is Miss Nozal’s October Spotlight Student. Ryan is a very hardworking and helpful person. He is constantly going out of his way to help his peers succeed. I am very proud of the effort that I see him making every day. Keep up the good work, Ryan!"

Joshua Arganbright(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Huguelet

Joshua Arganbright, SOTM

“Joshua Arganbright has been chosen as the October Spotlight Student. He has been a dependable group leader and active participant in class this year. Joshua follows the 7 Habits of Successful Students very well. I enjoy seeing his bright smile every morning and getting to know him better each day. Keep up the great work, Josh!"

Emma Peterson(4th grade), nominated by Mrs. Jones

Emma Peterson, SOTM

“Mrs. Jones’ Spotlight Student for October is Emma Peterson. Emma is a cheerleader for the Montabella Mustangs. She always has a positive attitude. If there is a task that needs to be accomplished, she takes her time and does her best. Emma’s competitiveness comes out when she plays Four Square at recess, but she is always fair and kind. Without a doubt, she is a Model Mustang!"

Bryson Williamson(4th grade), nominated by Ms. Schreur

Bryson Williamson, SOTM

“Ms. Schreur's Spotlight Student is Bryson Williamson. Bryson is a Model Mustang. He enjoys reading in school and out of school. He excels in all subjects and is very helpful to his classmates. He has earned the nickname, "The Lone Wolf" for times when he surprises his classmates with the correct answer or completion ahead of other students, and for his standout on the football team. Bryson is a great student who lives the Seven Habits of Effective Students. Keep up the EXCELLENT work, Bryson!"

Ashlyn Binge(5th grade), nominated by Mrs. Heller

Ashlyn Binge, SOTM

“Ashlyn Binge is Mrs. Heller’s October Spotlight Student! Ashlyn is a very responsible, helpful, and a kind student to everyone in our classroom. She has a positive attitude with regards to learning and is a great role model for her peers. Ashlyn has a very pleasant smile and friendly personality. She is a team player and is always thinking Win-Win! Thank you, Ashlyn for modeling the 7 Habits and following the classroom and school expectations on a daily basis. I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work!"

Addyson Bouwkamp(5th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

Addyson Bouwkamp, SOTM

“Addyson Bouwkamp is a Model Mustang in Mr. Simon’s class. She has 100% positive Dojo points and is always following the school expectations. Addy works very hard in class as well. If she doesn’t understand a concept, she does a great job of being proactive and sharpening the saw in order to improve her learning. Addy is also very helpful to her teachers as well as other students. She is always willing to be a friend and lend a helping hand. "

Landyn Lane(6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Adgate

Landyn Lane, SOTM

“Let the spotlight shine on Landyn Lane. Landyn has made marked improvement in many areas this year. He asks for help when he needs it and is thoughtful about taking the help and trying again. He is willing to help others and has a smile for people almost everyday. He is working very hard to keep improving and I am proud of him. Great job, Landyn!"

Keifer Vanas(6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Fenton

Keifer Vanas, SOTM

“The Spotlight Student for the month of October is Kiefer Vanas. Kiefer has made remarkable and amazing growth since school has started. Not only is his behavior representative of a Model Mustang, but he is also a help to his peers and teacher as well. He is willing to help others with classwork, technology (in which he is quite the expert!), and even aiding others with stressful situations by walking with them, acting as a peer tutor, and giving genuine words of comfort. Congratulations, Kiefer and GREAT job!!"

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