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Montabella Jr/Sr High School Students of the Month

Maeson Baez, (7th grade), nominated by Mr. Gormley

Maeson Baez, SOTM September

“I have Maeson for 7th Grade Tech and he is doing a wonderful job in class. He is doing a great job keeping up on his work and even scored one the the few 100% on our last test in the class. Great start to the year Maeson, keep up the good work.”

Kaitlynn Miller, (8th grade): nominated by Mr. Gormley

Kaitlynn Miller, SOTM September

“I have Kaitlynn for 8th Grade Exploratory and she has done a wonderful job in class so far. No matter what I ask for her to work on I know she will give me her best work the first time. Everything she has produced for me in class has been of exceptional quality.”

Tabitha Anderson, (9th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Tabitha Anderson, SOTM September

“Tabitha participates in all classroom discussions and is attentive to everything we are doing in class. She works well with small groups and often takes on the leadership role when in a group. She has a great attitude toward learning and is friendly and helpful to her peers”

Roman Nickerson, (10th grade), nominated by Ms. Dreyer-Molitor

Roman Nickerson, SOTM September

“Roman is a very positive and focused student. He pays attention to detail in class which has helped him to score very well on tests and assignments. Furthermore, he has been very helpful with another student and without being asked to do so. Thanks Roman!”

Natalie Lumbert, (11th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Natalie Lumbert, SOTM September

“Natalie has a positive attitude and friendly personality. She works well with her classmates and is always willing to help others. Natalie values her success and works to make sure she understands the content and is able to maintain her grades”

Lucas Lippert, (12th grade), nominated by Mr. Spaans

Lucas Lippert, SOTM September

“I've had Lucas as a student multiple times in the past, and now he's back in my room as a PEER, supporting a younger high school student. Lucas is a fantastic PEER: He's a gifted communicator, a helping hand, and a positive role model. It's been a joy to watch Lucas develop over the years into a strong student and an even better young man.”

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