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Montabella Jr/Sr High School Students of the Month

Kaitlynn Miller, (7th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

Kaitlynn Miller, SOTM January

“Kaitlynn is a polite and caring individual, she freely shares with the class any help or input that is needed. Kaitlynn has a maturity that is beyond her grade and is always striving for better. With this wonderful attitude and her radiant smile I see a wealth of success in her future. She represents what we want from family, education and community.”

Tony Tallent, (8th grade): nominated by Mr. Sprau

Tony Tallent, SOTM January

“It's neat to see Tony integrate his love for world history and language into his assignments and conversation. He has a talent for correcting his teacher's mistakes in an informative and respectful way. Tony asks deep and well constructed questions which furthers class discussion. It has been a fun experience getting to know Tony.”

Aaliyah Nolan, (9th grade), nominated by Mr. Spaans

Aaliyah Nolan, SOTM January

“For as long as she's been at Montabella, Aaliyah has been an absolute model student. She never complains, never tears others down, and never tries to create negativity or drama. Instead, she is diligent in her work, kind to a fault, and respectful of every student and staff member she comes across. It's been an honor to have Aaliyah in class this year.”

Luke Pell, (10th grade), nominated by Mrs. Willoughby

Luke Pell, SOTM January

“Luke is always very polite and kind to both his peers and teachers. He always puts his best foot forward for all of his classes, and when he doesn't understand something, he is quick to ask for help. Luke has grown tremendously in his academics since starting school at Montabella Jr./Sr. High.”

Courtney Gee, (11th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Courtney Gee, SOTM January

“Courtney is a quiet worker, asks questions when she needs clarification, retakes assessments to keep her grades up, and is an all-around model student. She is willing to help those around her and takes charge when put in a group. Courtney's drive to be successful will help her reach her goals for after high school.”

Brandan Hubble, (12th grade), nominated by Ms. Crowley

Brandan Hubble, SOTM January

“Brandan was a last minute addition to Lifetime Sports and I'm so glad he joined our class. Brandan is a wonderful teammate to anyone he is paired to play with in class. He plays fair and is a friend to everyone in class. He never complains on Workout Wednesday, giving a full effort. He is a great role model to younger students in class as well.”

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