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Montabella Jr/Sr High School Students of the Month

Elicia Peterson(7th grade), nominated by Ms. McAlvey

Elicia Peterson, SOTM

“During the entire time we have been out of the building, she has asked for things to do even though her grade is very good. She had Ms Eldred give her some things before we started back up and then she has been working to catch up to the faster class. She asks questions and does every assignment. She is one I can count on to come to my office hours. She is working very hard and has a great attitude. Thanks Elicia for making me feel like I am actually teaching during this stay at home time.”

Kylie Pifer(8th grade): nominated by Ms. Crowley

Kylie Pifer, SOTM

“Kylie has been communicating very well through email and completing online assignments. She has attended live meetings and maintains a positive attitude”

Alizah Langlois(9th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Alizah Langlois, SOTM

“Alizah has been participating in remote learning activities longer than perhaps anyone else in class. Even before it was required, Alizah was participating in every discussion on Google Classroom, asking for assignments to improve her grade, and seeking out help when needed. She has established goals for herself academically and is working hard to make sure they are met.”

Hailee McElhaney(10th grade), nominated by Mr. Urbanawiz

Hailee McElhaney, SOTM

“Hailee has been participating in every opportunity given with this remote learning. She is always communicating and asking questions when something does not make sense or work out. She is constantly asking what she can do to help improve her learning.”

Ashley Davis(11th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Ashley Davis, SOTM

“Ashley has adjusted very well to remote learning. She has taken the time to work through units and assignments on Kickstand. She also attends every live meeting that is scheduled. She is a self-motivated student who sees the value in continuing her education regardless of obstacles.”

Carroll Fisher(12th grade), nominated by Ms. McAlvey

Carroll Fisher, SOTM

“Carroll has worked very hard this entire year. I sent out an email that all seniors had 13 days to get their grades up and she turned in a late paper that she had at home. When I put it in the grade book, I realized that it was one of only 2 missing assignments. I sent her the other assignment and she now has NO missing work! She has also done everything I have sent out to the class during the distance learning time. On top of that, she has come to my office hours to get clarification on her assignments as well as showing up to every class. Great Job Carroll, way to finish the year strong!”

Montabella Jr/Sr High School

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