Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Jr/Sr High School Students of the Month

Harmony Keeler(7th Grade), Nominated by Mr. Krolczyk

Harmony Keeler, SOTM November

“Harmony is always pleasant, works hard in class, and willing to help her classmates. She puts forth her best effort every day and helps make the school a positive place to be.”

Dillon Nalett (8th grade), nominated by Ms. Crowley

Dillon Nalett, SOTM November

“Dillon got off to a rocky start in health class but has made some impressive progress. Dillon utilizes test retakes, the chance to work with me before class on missing assignments and did a great job leading his group on the human body maps."

Brenna Hunt (9th grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Brenna Hunt, SOTM November

“Brenna is attentive, polite, and always willing to help. She makes sure she understands the content and if she doesn’t, she asks for clarification. Brenna is a very motivated student and it has paid off in class. Brenna has a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor. I enjoy having her in class.”

RJ Neumann (10th grade), nominated by Ms. Dreyer-Molitor

RJ Neumann, SOTM November

“RJ has done a great job this semester making sure to not only complete his homework on time, but also work ahead to stay on top of his assignments. Furthermore, he takes the time to help his fellow classmates without even being asked. He is respectful and a pleasure to have in class.”

Jo Rocha (11th grade), nominated by Ms. Crowley

Jo Rocha, SOTM November

“Joe did a phenomenal job on the mid-semester project students were assigned in Healthy Living. Joe asks insightful questions and takes time in completing assignments thoroughly. Joe works well with any other student and is a joy to have in class.”

Luke Donnelly (12 grade), nominated by Ms. Burggren

Luke Donnelly, SOTM November

“I have Luke in two of my classes and he is a model student in both. He is always on-task, has a positive attitude, and is willing to do whatever is asked of him without grumbling. His behavior in class is also exemplary. He listens when he's suppose to, is engaged with the lessons, and still is able to have fun and joke around appropriately.”

Montabella Jr/Sr High School

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3rd Period 9:57 - 10:49
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4th Period 10:53 - 11:49
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7th Period 2:13 - 3:05

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Melanie Allen, Attendance Secretary Email Mrs. Allen at (989)427-5175 ext. 627

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