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The Montabella Jr/Sr High Counseling Departmentís mission is to guide, support and encourage all students to embrace their full potential in order to be successful in a changing global society.

Community Resources

Counselling Personel

Mrs. Jamie Eldred, JrSr High Counselor Email Mrs. Eldred at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 623

Ms. Vaughn Springer, College Adviser Email Ms. Springer at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 622

Mrs. Romashko, Social Worker Email Mrs. Romashko at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 624

Mrs. Henrickson-Ritter, Social Worker Email Mrs. Hendrickson-Ritter at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 613

Ms. Nichole Black, Speech Therapist Email Ms. Black at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 616

Mrs. Jacki Fredricks, Sp.Ed. Director Email Mrs. Denison at 
(989)427-5148 ext. 612

Mrs. Liz Snyder, School Psychologist Email Mrs. Snyder at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 617

Mrs. Amanda Foster, Teacher Consultant Email Mrs. Foster at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 628

Mrs. Rena Baxter, Occupational Therapist Email Mrs. Baxter at 

Mrs. Becky Knoerl, Physical Therapist Email Mrs. Knoerl at 

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