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Counseling Calendar

Here are all the important dates for students here at Montabella Community Schools in regards to the Counseling Service.

Counselling Personel

Mrs. Jamie Eldred, JrSr High Counselor Email Mrs. Eldred at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 623

Ms. Vaughn Springer, College Adviser Email Ms. Springer at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 622

Mrs. Romashko, Social Worker Email Mrs. Romashko at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 624

Mrs. Henrickson-Ritter, Social Worker Email Mrs. Henrickson-Ritter at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 613

Ms. Nichole Black, Speech Therapist Email Ms. Black at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 616

Mrs. Jacki Fredricks, Sp.Ed. Director Email Mrs. Denison at 
(989)427-5148 ext. 612

Mrs. Liz Snyder, School Psychologist Email Mrs. Snyder at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 617

Mrs. Amanda Foster, Teacher Consultant Email Mrs. Foster at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 628

Mrs. Rena Baxter, Occupational Therapist Email Mrs. Baxter at 

Mrs. Becky Knoerl, Physical Therapist Email Mrs. Knoerl at 

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