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Planning for College

5 Summer To-Do's for College Bound Students:

1. Continue your College/Career Search: Remember that the goal is to find teh college/trade school that FITS YOU BEST(academically, socially, geographically, financially, etc..). Here are some places to search:

2. Start Scholarship Searching: you may not be eligible for many at this moment, but keep a folder with information on scholarships(and where to find them) that you can apply for in the fall and winter. The more you apply for, the more you can earn and every little bit helps. Here are some places to start:

3. Get a Job, Job Shadow, Attend a Camp, or Volunteer: Anything to boost your resume and give you some experience in an area that you are interested in is a good idea. It will also give you some ammo for your essays. To schedule a job shadow, call a business/organization you would be interested in learning more about and ask if they would be willing to let a student spedn a couple of hours observing their office. the worst they can do is say no, and I think you will be suprised by how many are willing to help. Getting a job is also a good way to start saving some money for college. Consider opening a savings account at the bank so you will be sure to save instead of spend.

4. Practice Application and Scholarship Essays: You will need these in the fall, so why not get some good ideas written down now? Remember that you can often reuse essays(with little to no tweaking) to make applying easier. If application questions from previous years are posted on your colleges website, practice those - they are generally similar from year to year. If you cannot find any practice questions here are some common college essay themes:

5. Secure Letters of Recommendation: This will not be a requirment on all college or scholarship applications. However, even if it is not required, it never hurts to boost an application with a letter of recommendation. Remember that your applications are read by actual people, so anyhting you can do to make a good first impression will help. You should notify the person you would like to write your letter AT LEAST two weeks in advance. Getting copies of your letters over the summer will save you time later.

Feel free to contact Miss Prine at with any questions. Have a fun and productive summer.

Counselling Personel

Mrs. Jamie Eldred, JrSr High Counselor Email Mrs. Eldred at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 623

Ms. Vaughn Springer, College Adviser Email Ms. Springer at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 622

Mrs. Romashko, Social Worker Email Mrs. Romashko at 
(989)427-5175 ext. 624

Mrs. Hendrickson-Ritter, Social Worker Email Mrs. Hendrickson-Ritter at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 613

Ms. Nichole Black, Speech Therapist Email Ms. Black at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 616

Mrs. Jacki Fredricks, Sp.Ed. Director Email Mrs. Denison at 
(989)427-5148 ext. 612

Mrs. Liz Snyder, School Psychologist Email Mrs. Snyder at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 617

Mrs. Amanda Foster, Teacher Consultant Email Mrs. Foster at 
(989)427-5414 ext. 628

Mrs. Rena Baxter, Occupational Therapist Email Mrs. Baxter at 

Mrs. Becky Knoerl, Physical Therapist Email Mrs. Knoerl at 

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